IFBB Professional World Championship Qualification

March 27, 2018

Our professional event is qualifying for the professional World Championship . The most important test of the ELITE PRO calendar that will award the highest award with which an athlete can dream in his life, the title of Professional World Champion.

We explain the classification system so that a professional athlete can participate in this world championship to be held in the month of September.

  1. Qualify directly by winning one of the events in the circuit of professional competitions IFBB ELITE PRO.
  2. They will classify the ten best ones of each modality of the ranking that is established by points obtained in each one of the tests of the IFBB ELITE PRO. If in that Ranking there are competitors already classified directly, one more will be moved in the ranking downwards.

The score obtained for the ranking in each test competitors will be as follows.

  • 1st classified: Qualify directly for the World Championship
  • 2nd Place: 16 points
  • 3rd Place: 12 points
  • 4th classified: 9 points
  • 5th Place: 7 points

The ranking began to add from the ELITE PRO FINLAND (Lathi) 2017 for this edition of the 2018 Professional World Championship.

Qualification for the 2018 Professional World Championship 

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